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Madrix key dvi

MADRIX - the professional LED lighting control solution for your club, night club, stage, art installation, exhibition stand, interior and building illumination.

MADRIX is an easy to use and user friendly Windows® lighting control software. MADRIX supports famous DMX512 and ArtNet interfaces with outstanding capabilities and includes an installation CDROM, a software protection dongle and an English user guide. MADRIX lighting control software can be used along with any console/desk, particularly useful for LIVE applications or clubs.

MADRIX dvi - software for DVI/T9output

  • MADRIX is a powerful, easy-to-use, and award-winning LED lighting control software
  • Allows you to realize all kinds of different LED projects and lighting designs
  • A normal PC/laptop can be used for professional LED control
  • Includes 1 license for the software MADRIX
  • Activates output for up to 307,200 DVI pixels (for example, 640 x 480)
  • The license is activated via a USB dongle and can be used flexibly on different computers as needed
  • Can be used in parallel with other MADRIX licenses
  • Can be upgraded to higher licenses (up to MADRIX KEY ultimate)
  • Supports many industry protocols and communication standards for direct connection to your LEDs and LED controllers (incl. DVI, Eurolite T9, ColourSmart Link, Colorlight 5A, Colorlight A8, Colorlight T9, etc.)
  • Allows mapping in 2D (pixel mapping) as well as real, spatial 3D (voxel mapping)
  • The software generates unique effects, visuals, and animations live and in real time
  • No additional content is required
  • Already includes a multitude of stock effects that are fully customizable (in speed, color, shape, direction, size, movement, position, brightness, etc.)
  • Analyzes incoming audio signals Sound2Light and Music2Light in real time
  • New lighting scenes can easily be created in seconds
  • Supports media server features also: Conveniently load and play back images, pictures, and videos as well as live signal capturing, screen capturing, scrolling text (ticker), and more
  • Variety of options to combine visuals and graphical elements (layers, mix modes, filters, etc.)
  • 256 x 256 Storage Places to organize and store effects
  • DJ-like operation with 2 decks (Left/Right) and a crossfader
  • 3 real-time previews to show your visual effects in advance (incl. 2D/3D, zoom, rotation)
  • 2 DVI outputs
  • Controls up to 4 color channels per pixel/voxel (e.g. 1-channel, 2-channel, RGB, RGBW fixtures)
  • Freely configurable Cue List for automated playback of a show (incl. time, date, duration, etc.)
  • Supports Time Code from Art-Net, MIDI, SMPTE, and system time
  • Remote control available via DMX-IN, Art-Net Remote, MIDI-IN, HTTP (internet browser), CITP
  • Accompanying Fixture Editor provided including large fixture library
  • Includes various other tools and features (DMX Fader Tool, DMX Watcher, Matrix Generator, Patch Editor, Touch Screen window, backup system, scripting, mapping, scaling, etc.)
  • Supports various 3rd-party interfaces and MADRIX hardware interfaces (sold separately)
  • Minimum system requirements: 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU, OpenGL 2.0 graphics card (NVIDIA recommended), 2 GB RAM, 1 GB free harddisk space, 1280 x 768 screen resolution, network card, sound card, USB 2.0 (optimal system requirements higher - please pay attention to hardware limitations, such as computer performance)
  • Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows Vista

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